Teach Me To Pray Free Printable Prayer Journal

Don't know where to start when you pray?  

Imagine spending 7 days at Jesus' feet. In this simple printable guide, learn powerful prayer techniques Jesus shared in the gospels. 

Teach Me To Pray

Teach Me To Pray

What you’ll get out of this one-week prayer journal:

The Teach Me To Pray printable prayer journal is designed to meet you right where you’re at in your faith, whether a newbie or sage. Each day features one of Jesus' teachings on prayer and some prompts to help you focus. Space allows for journaling, if desired, although praying aloud is highly recommended as well.

  •  Day 1: The Lord's Prayer
  •  Day 2: Forgiveness
  •  Day 3: Love Your Enemy
  •  Day 4: Ask, Seek, Knock
  •  Day 5: Faith
  •  Day 6: Fasting
  •  Day 7: Persistence
Teach Me To Pray
Teach Me To Pray Printable Prayer Journal

 "Because of your help, I have finally strengthened my relationship with God. My mom has also turned to God, with your help." —Kristen

Gina M Poirier

Hi friend! I'm Gina, a happily married mom of three. I help exhausted, overwhelmed moms find peace and purpose in the everyday at ginampoirier.com. 

A while back I wrote on my blog about how I was struggling staying focused in prayer...and it turns out that thousands of women feel the same way! I decided it was time to get back to basics, and so I dug into Jesus' teachings. My hope and prayer is that this printable prayer journal gives your prayer life the jump-start you're looking for.