Finally, get focused in prayer

Four weeks of guided prayer prompts that you can use over and over

Teach Me To Pray

What you’ll get out of this four-week journal:

The Teach Me To Pray four-week printable prayer journal is designed to meet you right where you’re at. Whether you’ve been praying all your life or you’re trying it for the first time, the lessons here can benefit you. Each day there is a Bible verse and some prompts to help you focus your prayers. Space allows for journaling, if desired, although praying aloud is highly recommended as well. 

Week 1: Jesus' Teachings on Prayer Get back to the basics about how to build a deep relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Week 2: Praying the Psalms Dig deep by imitating the great prayers from the book of Psalms.

Week 3: Gratitude Experience the power of thanksgiving and watch it transform your heart.

Week 4: Prayer without Limit Stretch yourself as you dig even deeper.

"I have been more persistent with my prayer requests, realizing that God wants me to seek, knock and ask for what my heart desires. He already knows what I want but my wants may not be in line with His plan. Through prayer and faith, He gives me exactly what I need. And then last but not least, fasting can be a regular part of my life. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, I will continue to mature in my prayer life. Thank you for the study guide." 

Linda S.

Don't wait; take back your prayer life today.